250ml NanoG Hand Sanitiser

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NanoG Antibacterial hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacterial.
Long-lasting until next hand washes or wipe off.�
Antimicrobial effect. Effective for up to 3 hours on hand.

- Non-Toxic
- Alcohol-Free
- Ph Natural,��
- Does Not Irritate Eyes or Skin

User method: Spray onto hand and respray after hand wash or wipe off.

Ingredient: Water, Copper Ionic
Technology: Quantum Resonance.

EVA Energy Sdn Bhd

EVA Energy Sdn Bhd is an environmental technology company. We proceed ourselves as a frontier in manufacturing and marketing Quantum Fusion Resonance Technology that are ecological responsive to the society and environment. We not only provide patented Indoor Air Quality treatment to all types of buildings, but also involved in energy saving sector.Our aim is to help to society to conserve on energy usage and to create a healthy & safe living environment.

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