About Us

BulkOrderNow.com is an online bulk ordering platform for premium products, providing international trade services to business buyers and sellers from all over the world, displaying quality product information and facilitating transactions between business buyers and sellers.

The target audience for this platform is suppliers, business buyers, which focused on bulk ordering with best price. Business buyers can combine order for same item through BulkOrderNow.com / BulkOrderNow.cn. The platform perform comprehensive evaluation and two-way communication with relevant parties, in order to offer the most favourable pricing to the buyers. After the buyers committed the order, the supplier will accept the deal and arrange for shipment.

BulkOrderNow.com has a dedicated logistics partner, as well as a dedicated import and export customs clearance channel, which can effectively ensure the shipment time of goods.

Featured Services

BulkOrderNow offer 3 different trading methods for Seller and Business Buyer.

Digital Catalog

Digital Catalog

Supplier free to create Digital Catalog at BulkOrderNow for Private or Public Sales purpose.

Digital Catalog

Open Deal

Business Buyers combine orders for bulk purchase.

Digital Catalog

Supplier Deal

Supplier offer bulk sales for potential business buyers.

Digital Catalog

Sale Deal

A standard one buyer and one supplier deal.

Service Advantage

BulkOrderNow.com core services are Bulk Orders and International Trade Platform.

Provide high volume orders and bring very substantial profits to suppliers.

Save resources, manpower and time for suppliers seeking and communicate with right business buyers.

An international trade online platform that connects suppliers to potential business buyers abroad, enhances corporate visibility, broadens the audience, and increases sales of goods.

Share channel resources of BulkOrderNow.com, including merchandise display, promotion, logistics channels and import & export customs clearance channels. We will help local brands to international through platform influence.

Exclusive Customs Clearance Channel

Setting up overseas markets, worry-free export customs clearance

If your merchandise has an export demand, you can enjoy the overseas customs clearance and customs clearance services that BulkOrderNow.com can be offered. We have independent warehouses in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Your goods will be delivered to the warehouse centre via our exclusive customs channel and then transported to various countries for merchandise sales.


Multiple Promotion Channels

Sharing platform resources & merchandise promotion services

We will use a variety of online channels and offline resources to promote your products and increase your brand awareness. You don’t have to pay any fees for it, just offer goods at a very low price (even free) for promotional purposes. The profit margin of the commodity will be used as an activity cost for promotion.

Online channels: Google, partner e-commerce platform;

Offline channels: warehouses, shelf exhibitions, partner centre, etc.


Proprietary Logistics Partners

Enjoy exclusive logistics channels, worry-free transportation of goods

We have a dedicated logistics partner, the whole process logistics can be inquired online, and provide services such as packing, door-to-door delivery, warehouse temporary storage. Through specialized logistics channels, it can effectively shorten the shipping time, reduce the possibility of damage during the transportation of goods, and deliver the goods to the business buyer as soon as possible.


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